Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God is Enough!

I had an unusual day yesterday--not in my usual unusual where something crazy happens to me, but a different kind of unusual. Because of the nature of my job, I often hear about difficulties, challenges, and even tragedies that others go through. But yesterday was a flood of difficulties to people who are close to me. With each one I shared that God is Enough! Because He is!
This last Christmas my sweet friend Melissa who designs and makes jewelry gave me a pendant with a freshwater pearl dangling from it that she stamped on that says GOD IS ENOUGH. I wear it EveryDay! I get asked often about it. People say, "Oh what does your pendant say?" So I show them and then say, "Because He is!" Melissa told me that was her theme for this year and I said me too. And I said at the beginning of the year, I do not know what will happen in 2008 or what will not happen but whatever--God is Enough!
Yesterday I got an email from a sweet friend that her husband was laid off from the SemGroup--stink. She wrote and said I am really struggling today.
My good friend Michelle is in California at a funeral of her 40 year old cousin. Almost 2 years ago Michelle's 40 year old brother died. So now these two sisters have both buried their sons in the past two years--tough to handle.
I met new friends in Nucleus Sunday night and have emailed Audrey back and forth about beginning a Spa for the Soul study for military wives because Audrey's husband leads a platoon of 78 men who will deploy for Iraq on Sept 4th. Can't imagine saying goodbye to my husband and sending him off to the front line of battle.
I got an email from a young mom at our church whose daughter has a severe peanut allergy--severe and it is keeping her family from church. It is hard to feel attacked and not be able to do anything for your children.
Got another email from my new friend Holly that her sister in law who was 8 months pregnant went to the doctor and discovered the baby was dead in the womb. Her brother is a missionary with the IMB and could not get to his wife to comfort her and be with her for more than 24 hours. So here this precious lady is in another country without her husband dealing with a tragedy no mother should bear. DIFFICULT!
My sweet parents are caring for my grandparents on a daily basis and taking turns with my dad's sisters in spending the night with them. My grandma weighs very little and continues to battle pancreatic cancer much longer than we expected. It is sad and it is very taxing on my parents and aunts.
Then I talked to Susan. Her mother is my dear friend Marilyn who is battling cancer of the unknown source and is really going down. These precious people are like family to me and it is very difficult to take. I was walking through TJ Maxx--imagine that--talking to Susan and telling her that God is Enough. I told her I am praying that for her, her brothers and her dad who is my mentor in the ministry.
So I know that this is heavier than my normal you won't believe what crazy thing happened to me post, but sometimes life is a little heavier than we want it to be. To each different person who I encountered yesterday I tried to say God is enough! He is. Regardless of how difficult the situation. Life is sometimes heavier than we want it to be and I want you to know that when it is---GOD IS ENOUGH!!


kerri said...

Just felt like coming on your blog today...What a heavy week...will be praying!