Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day--and I Mean Labor Day!

14 years ago today I was actually in labor! What a payoff I received for all my hard work. We were given a wonderful gift named Andersen Layne Lopez!

We got to celebrate this weekend at Beaver Lake with Mother and Daddy and my sister's and their families and Carl's mom.

And in our usual Lopez family tradition, Andersen woke up this morning to a decorated door. This is the first year we did not have a party with a theme--so what was I to do? Andersen decided to have a few friends go to The Cheesecake Factory rather than a party--I was a little sad (you all know I am all about a party with a theme!!) But I must admit that it was alot less work than you know a Survivor party or Who Done It scavenger hunt or a Luau, or a Backyard Carnival, or a Movie Star Party, or...just to name a few over the past 13 years!

I did not have a theme to decorate her door by so I simply put HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDERSEN and then wrote on each letter an adjective describing my Happy--Amazing--Peppy--Peacemaker--Yippee--Beautiful--Interesting--Ready--Terrific--Helpful--Delightful--Athletic--Yes Maamer--All-Star--Never boring--Daring--Exciting--Relaxing--Special--Easy-going--Nice 14 year-old daughter. Of course with the help of my ever patient sleepy husband, who graciously handed my tape at midnight as I decorated her door!

And then this morning we had breakfast burritos with a candle in it to celebrate.

And then to top off her birthday, she cheered at her first 8th grade football game at Jenks High School. (PS JENKS STINKS)

Their uniforms were not in--why I don't know but she looked just as cute. There is just something about a 14 year old with braces and a big ribbon tied in a bow that I just can't get over!

Andersen has been a joy for 14 years--wow she for sure is a gift because I do not deserve a daughter as incredible as she is--just goes to show that prayer works!


Jeannette said...

Happy Birthday Anderson - you are indeed a special gift!!

Leigh Ann said...

I too have a laborous baby. Bryant was born on the 31st of August in 2005---just happened to be right after katrina, too, but so far that has been the most taxing day on me. he is so fun and we are so thrilled he was our oh, uh baby! Anderson is such a cute name...

Hollie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I just put it all together that you are at Alex Himaya's church! Such a small world!
Have a great day:)

Alecia said...

You all crack me up with that Jenks Stinks stuff! Go Trojans!!!