Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clean Slate Land

As you may know, our Women's Ministry at The Church at BattleCreek is involved in a missions..I am searching for the right word here. A of...opportunity..yea kind unbelievable transformation of homes and lives...YES! I guess that is what you would call it. You can read about our first home here. When we did Dee's Clean Slate, her girls were in Kentucky with their dad. Well Sunday they came home!!

They came home to a new house, a new room, and a new mom. Well really same mom but a mom with a Clean Slate! WOW! Dee kept it a secret all summer from the girls. They had no idea what was in store for them when they walked in the front door. It was really a priceless moment.

So once again my sweet talented unbelievably tireless friend Ashley took pictures of the girls. Take a look here for yourself. Thanks Ashley, you never cease to amaze me. Also thanks Cindy and Carol for helping to welcome these adorable girls home!

I am loving Clean Slate. God has given us Ruby for our next Clean Slate which is this weekend. Ruby is amazing and so is her entire family! I feel so honored that God has allowed me to meet this family. This is what has blown my mind for the past two or three days. I sense and can see at times that God is doing far more than we know. He has set the stage for this incredible moment for this family when I believe pieces to their puzzle are all coming together and it is going to be some picture when it is done!! You are never going to believe all that God is doing. Nearly EveryDay I cry about what God is giving us and doing for us. Needless to say I have been living in Clean Slate Land according to my incredibly handsome, sweet, and patient husband!