Monday, August 11, 2008

Party Crasher!

I just want to say this up front. This is a first for even me. We finished Clean Slate (which I will blog about in a day or two--unbelievable God weekend!!!!) and Carl took off for OKC to see his brother before he left for Qua tar on Sunday. So I went to pick up Andersen and AJ from a birthday party.

I asked Andersen for the address so that I could GPS it. It didn't come up but the address was simple enough so I thought I could find it. I am on the street looking for the house number and am going in the right direction. The numbers are getting smaller and I am almost there when I see a house with multiple cars parked in the driveway and street, balloons on the mailbox and a sign that says The Party is Here in the front yard. So of course I think oh here it is.

Avery, Austin and I get out of the car, ring the door bell and we are greeted by a teenage girl. She said, "hi there." I say, "Hey!" She says, "come on in, they are in the back." So we go through the house (did I mention this was about a 6, 000 square foot house I am traipsing through?) and get to the back door and open it to a backyard and pool full of about 30-40 adults. I am thinking oh this is a family party as well as a friend party. I immediately see a lady from church that I know and in my mind I am thinking, hmm I didn't know she knew the Mulders--small world, so anyway I say, "Hey!" and she says, "Well, hello what are you doing here?" So I said, "Well I am looking for Andersen and AJ have you seen them?" Because I am thinking the kids are up stairs or something. She said, "No I haven't."

At this point I am thinking, hmmm this is a little odd. So I said, "Is this 6002?" The lady seated next to her said, "No, this is 5980!" I am at the wrong house and I run into someone I know!!!!!!! I said, "Oh my goodness, that is crazy." And then the lady from church says, "Well do you want to hear something crazier than that, this is my ex mother-in-law's house!" Yes at this point I am thinking your craziness just trumped mine! So I excuse my self and get out of the house. We are leaving and Avery said, "Well the girl said, 'Come on in!'" True Avery true!

So we get in the car and drive two houses up to the house where my children really are.

Then yesterday at church Sandy told me that after I left her ex-mother-in-law said, "Did anybody lock the front door!"


Heather said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! I Just spit diet coke all over my laptop...thanks Denise :) Only YOU could have done that with such grace though :)

April said...

denise...that is hilarious. i've heard GREAT things about clean slate. and...i met a guy who knows carl's bro. they work in the country next to's a small world around here too!

Jeannette said...

Even after you told me the story, I just had to read it. I can always use another laugh!

Jeremy and Melanie said...

That is so funny!! Still waiting to hear about Clean Slate though...I feel so out of the loop (no pun intended)!