Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Support our Troops!

I am proud to be an American where at least I know I am free...

and I won't forget the men who died

who gave their life for me

and I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today

cause their ain't no doubt I love this Land

God bless the USA!

Two Saturday nights ago Carl, Andersen, AJ and I went to eat at Zios---love Zios!!! The little girls had already gone to my parent's and so it was just the four of us. There was a pretty long wait.

While we were waiting on our table--beeper in hand, a girl asked me if I could take their picture. I said, "Sure, I would be glad to." There were four girls who looked college age and they were all dressed up. (Adorable I might I add!) So I said, "What is the occasion, what are you all celebrating?" Allison, (yes we are now on first name basis!) said, "We are celebrating our anniversaries." I looked around no husbands... she continued on, "Our husbands are in Iraq and we are here celebrating our anniversaries together." Their husbands serve in the National Guard, in the 45th infantry division out of OKC. I almost bawled! I of course told them how precious I thought they were. (And you know I do not use that word lightly!!!) While we were standing there waiting, tears really did come to my eyes and of course Andersen and AJ are going, "Moooomm" I said, "I can't help it you guys, that is a BIG DEAL for your husband to be gone--at war! And I am proud of them for not staying home and pouting but for going out and celebrating their marriages!!"

Our buzzer went off. So of course our conversation continued to center around these four adorable girls and the sacrifices THEY are making as well as their husbands. By the end of our meal we all four agreed that we needed to pay for their dinner as a little anniversary gift and as a thank you to their husbands for serving our country so that we continue to have the freedoms that we do. So Carl went over and gave them money for their dinner and told them to tell their husbands thank you for all that they do to keep our country safe and free. And of course the freedom that I am most thankful for--you know--is to worship The Most High God! That I can meet Sunday after Sunday at my great church and sing praises to Jesus is something that I need to be thankful to our men and women in uniform for!

Allison was sweet enough to send me their picture and a sweet email expressing their gratitude for dinner. Which Carl and I both felt that was the least that we could do for all their husbands do for our country. I have printed out their picture and have hung it on our fridge so that we will remember to pray for these girls and their husbands and for all our troops!

So join me and when you see a man in military uniform or are made aware of a family left here--do something--thank them--shake their hand--clap for them--buy them dinner--something! For sure pray for them!

From left to right--Heaven (how about that name!), Stephanie, Brandy and Allison.


Beth said...


What an awesome thing you guys did! It is so great to support the families of our troops, who sometimes get forgotten. You are such an inspiration!


MrsShep said...

Hello, this is Brandy from the picture. It was a true blessing to meet you in the restaurant. You have touched my heart. I can't express to you my gratitude for your generous gift of dinner and especially your prayer. God has shown me the power of prayer through this deployment & that is the best gift you could give. So, again I humbly thank you for remembering our husbands in your prayers. They will be safe and protected tonight because of the prayer you and your family offer. Thank you so much!
In Christ,

Patriot said...

Just came across your blog, saw this post, and had to leave a comment. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to support our soldiers.

Shelly said...

I would like to extend my heart-felt THANK YOU to your family. I have witnessed the daily struggles of two of the four young ladies you met in the restaurant that evening and know that your kindness has touched their lives greatly. God bless your family and your prayers are appreciated.