Thursday, April 3, 2008

2-4-6-8 Who Do You Appreciate

Today Andersen had cheer try-outs for Union 8th Grade for next year. We will get an email tomorrow that will let us know if she made it or not. This was Andersen's first year to have to try out. In 6th and 7th grade everyone who wants to cheer--cheers, since there are 5 different football teams per grade so there is a large demand for cheerleaders. Our school district is huge--over 12,000 students! Andersen has 1200 students in her class.
We struggle with the size of our district. Union is the best of the best--teachers--administrators--facilities (our football stadium holds 14,000 and is astro-turf!) But we are seriously praying through what will be best for our kids for the future.

I have ALOT on my plate right now--which is not different than any other week of the year for me, except that the things that are on my plate right now are emotionally heavier than most weeks. Because of the personal nature of what is going on, I am not going to blog about details. But this is what I have dealt with this week--unwed pregnancy of a close family member, unfaithfulness to fiance, 27 year old man killed in a car wreck due to a aneurysm, precious friend diagnosed with brain tumor--(please pray for Julie that God would perform a miracle!), my grandmother has pancreatic cancer and just this week has experienced excruciating pain--(which is probably an indicator that we have very little time left with this Matriarch of our family and wonderful servant of Christ) , and my husband is out of town--not to mention CHEER TRY-OUTS (minute compared to these other things but HUGE to my 13 year-old.)

God has blessed me beyond measure by putting unbelievable precious people in my life--other than family. When I was at a breaking point this week--I called my friend Lana--bawling (which I do NOT normally do) and she just encouraged me--made me laugh--sympathized with me--I could go on and on. Just blessed I am.
Then today I had the honor of being admonished and encouraged by my mentor in the ministry and spiritual father, Dr. Jett. A compassionate and wise man (if you have read my other blogs the husband to my friend Marilyn).

I am completely overwhelmed tonight with appreciation for Lana and Dr. Jett for their friendship, love and encouragement--that I feel like cheering!


Flea said...

Julie's in my Thursday morning Bible study. Praying for her whole family.

jennifermills921 said...

My my my...I wish I was there to give you a HUGE HUG!!! Love you! Call me-did Anderson make cheerleading?