Sunday, April 6, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

One thing for sure, life is never boring in the Lopez family! Last night, I left with the 3 girls to go to Emporia, Kansas for Andersen's state gymnastics meet. (Which is funny in and of itself that our state meet is in Kansas since we reside in the state of Oklahoma--hmmm.) We have traveled this route often and make sure we stop at the Gap Outlet that just happens to be on our way--is God good or what. Anyway, we arrive in Emporia a little after midnight. We always stay in the same hotel. So I pull confidently into the hotel ready to hit the sack--all three girls are asleep already. I failed to make a reservation which I normally do, but had a pretty crazy week and forgot to do so. No room in the Inn! Okay we'll go across the street--no vacancy. There was not a hotel room in Emporia. The thought crossed my mind to sleep in the Excursion with the girls--I mean why have a monstrosity of a vehicle if you can't sleep in it every once in a while. Thankfully common sense kicked back in and I called Topeka which is about 50 miles away. No rooms available--what is wrong with these people in Kansas--didn't anyone go to the final four to watch their team--for goodness sake! Okay next town, I called Ottawa. The second hotel I called had two rooms left--Praise the Lord!--we will take one. So I gave the guy my credit card number to reserve my bed. It is now about 12:45 am. I asked the guy, "Okay tell me, what is the best way to get there. I am in Emporia." He said, "Get on I-35 SOUTH to exit 183." Which did not sound right to me having grown up in KC. So I asked two more times, "Are you sure, I get on I-35 south?" "YES."--okay. So about 15 minutes down the road I notice the the mile markers are getting smaller not larger so I called my friend at the front desk. Asked again--yes stay on I-35 south. Thirty minutes down the road I am sure this is not the right direction. So when I called, the guy said, "Hello Denise." "Yes, dear stay on I-35 south just a little further. We will see you in a little bit." (yea right) Okay now there is a McDonald's/Gas station on the turnpike so I tell Andersen I am going to stop and see if we are going the right way--(and get a diet Coke of course). I asked the lady, "How far am I from Ottawa?" Her response, "You are about 135 miles away." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? It is 1:50 AM and I am two hours away from my bed and Andersen competes in 6 and 1/2 hours. So I call my friend in Ottawa--"Oh honey, (did I mention that I am confident that his sexual orientation is not the one that is biblically correct?--I am not judging I am merely making an observation) honey how did I get you going in the wrong direction I am so sorry. I can not believe I did that. I love you (HE IS TELLING ME HE LOVES ME??!!--I am not making this up)" I asked if he could cancel my reservation I would not be staying there. Again the thought of driving back to Emporia and sleeping in my car crossed my mind. And then Andersen said, "Mom I think we should just go home. I don't even care if I compete." "Are you sure sweetie." "Yes, and maybe we can get home and go to the cheer meeting--(YES ANDERSEN MADE CHEER!!)." So we drive to Wichita. I call the Hampton Inn--have you stayed at a Hampton lately? They are on a remodeling campaign and their beds are the most comfy bed I love it) $109.00 for 4 hours of sleep. Even at 2:00 in the morning, I am more frugal than that. Sorry we will go else where. Next hotel--NO ROOM--the desk clerk called another hotel--not so nice $94.00. Sorry for $15 I am headed to the Hampton for my comfy 4 hours of sleep. By now Avery is awake and being witty as ever and making Andersen and I laugh. Back at the Hampton, I being a people person and ever the story teller share my past 2 hour events with the desk clerk. He feels sorry for me and takes $20 dollars off my bill. I am not sure of his sexual orientation. So I park the bus and the girls and I get inside, get in the elevator and I am soooo ready to get into my comfy bed. Andersen sticks the card in the door--the light turns green--it beeps twice--and we are in. Only to find that someone's been sleeping in my very comfy bed! And they left a half eaten apple on the tv. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! So we head back down the elevator. The desk clerk can not believe that someone has not done their job and pleasantly gets us another room. But first he calls the room to make sure no one is in there. So now we get in the elevator--get the giggles in the elevator--gain composure before the doors open and head to our room, get jammies on and get in our very comfy beds. AHHHH--at 2:48 I am well on my way to a good morning's sleep. The alarm on my phone (which is calypso) goes off at 6:00 am. I however choose to snooze 4 times and got up at 6:40 am. At 7:30 am we are back in the bus headed for the Parent Cheer meeting at 11:00. We made it in time for me to pay my first installment of cheerleading fees--lucky me. We also got to see AJ's baseball game--can life get any better??? You can't make stuff like this up!


Flea said...

There's no WAY you could make that up! That's hilarious! And so PAINFUL! I hope you've caught up on at least a little bit of sleep. :) And call your credit card company to make sure the amount from the first hotel has been credited to you.

Flea said...

So glad you liked my dancing cows! Their first video is my favorite:
This one was fun too:

Alecia said...

Un-believable!!! Only you, really. Glad you at least made it to one of your events, too bad you missed out on the Gap outlet :-(

Stephanie said...

YEA! I was excited to see your new blog in the Loop! Witty and fun! LOVE IT! Welcome to the blog world. It will suck you in! I spend most of my nap time checking blogs....ahem....I mean doing laundry.

Alecia said...

Ummm....still NO comments!! Hahaha....just really when ya gonna leave comments?!?! ;-D
Had a blast last night....we need pics of that on our blogs.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Your blog is SO fun to read! These things can only happen to you and you always make the best of them!