Thursday, March 27, 2008

EveryDay Does Not Mean Every Day!

When I named my blog EveryDay with Denise, I DID NOT mean that I would blog every day! I meant that I would share EveryDay stuff that happens and what God teaches me through it. Just wanted to clear that up due to the comments that I have had verbally, that I do not blog every day--I never meant to. Ok on to EveryDay stuff.

I started to title this blog Adenovirus, Track Meets and Puppy Puke--because that is what my day has consisted of! Austin and AJ both have Adenovirus. None of my kids have ever had this--at least we didn't know it if we did. High fever for both of them, Austin has had a blood shot right eye, AJ has had a horrible rash. Weird. So I wake up this morning at 6:20 after going to bed at 12:30, and after being woken up at 1:30 by Austin not feeling well. I got Andersen to the bus, ready for her track meet, came back home to let Jake out of his kennel--only to find he had PUKED in his kennel overnight. So now its bad enough that my kids are sick but now my dog is sick. I am in the backyard hosing out the kennel at 7:05 am--nice.

Now for the track meet. After filming an intro video for our new sermon series for 2 hours, I handed Austin and AJ off to our babysitter Kara, and headed to Andersen's track meet. Did I mention Carl is out of town--North Dakota (he woke up to 2 inches of snow instead of puppy puke). Anyway, why does Andersen feel the need to run hurdles is what I want to know. I mean really, for the most part I am an easy going mom but why I ask you why does she need to purposefully worry me with hurdles. She ran the 100 m hurdles which she did great and got 3rd and then 4 hours later she ran the 300 m hurdles and fell! UGH I almost cried. She snagged her foot on the second to last hurdle and caught herself with both hands on the track, her knee bounced on the track and she jumped right back up, bleeding, and finished. I wanted to cry but was so proud of her toughness to get back up and to finish. She is something!

As I sit here blogging, I am thankful that God draws me closer to Himself through my kiddos. I think today God wanted me to know that as my heavenly Father, He sits in the Grand Stand of Heaven watching me run this race, cheering me on, and even when I fall He is still so proud of me and thinks I am something. He is the reason that I "run" EveryDay!


Flea said...

Hi! Yucky day, from the sound of it. And welcome to the world of blogging! It's a fun place to be, but not to live. :)

Thanks for having us in your home last night. I'm looking forward to the next five weeks.

A blog you might enjoy is
I know that you and I aren't boomers, but there are some younger boomers, some very funny ones, they're all over the country, and each is involved in some pretty incredible ministries. If you leave a comment, especially on Eva, Connie or Suzie's posts, tell them Flea sent you. You'll have instant bloggy friends.

As the Terminator says, I'll be back!

girlmomx3 said...

Hi Denise~
Oh it sounds like you're living the glamorous life today. The ultimate answer to those who haven't done it and ask, "you're a stay at home Mom, what DO YOU DO ALL DAY?" UGH!!!

Jason is from a great Christian family. His parents are a hoot! He is exactly like he is on the show. Sweet, humble and very talented! There are a few videos on you tube. The clip of Clumsy was taped at our church. My girls and I are praying every night that Jason will have the opportunity to share his faith with America. We'll see!
Blessings to you today,