Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Noah and American Idol

Every Wednesday night we host an 11th and 12th grade community group (small group bible study) in our home. We love to have the "kids" gather around our kitchen and talk about their day while we eat. We then move into the living room for a bible study. Tonight we talked about Noah and the fact that he did what God told him to do no matter how hard it was, how long it took, or who ridiculed him.

And then the clock struck 8 pm and you know what that means IDOL! To be honest this is my first season to be INTO it. I have watched half-hearted for the past two years. But this year...I am committed. I thought what do Noah and American Idol have in common? And the crazy thing is---all of the contestants are doing what they totally believe they are suppose to be doing--no matter how hard it is (bless little David Archeletto's heart, I nearly cried for him when he forgot his words last night--what a doll) and no matter how long it took some of them (like Carly, she auditioned at least twice for Idol before making it. I really think if she would lose the tattoos down the entire length of her arm I could warm up to her more but...nahhh) or who ridicules them--all of them have been criticized somewhat for their performances. (Even Brooke, who is absolutely adorable!) But the sad thing about Idol is that pursuit is soooo temporary. I mean where is Ruban now anyway--does anyone know?

I want do want to do what I totally believe that God is calling me to do EveryDay--no matter how hard it is, how long it takes or who ridicules me--don't you!


jennifermills921 said...

Good word D-Lo!! :)
I love this season of American Idol! I too think Brooke White is ADORABLE!!!

Ashley said...

Welcome to the blogging we just got to get you to start posting pictures :)

Brian Mills said...

sup blogger!!!!

Beam Family said...

Yeah!! Your blog looks beautiful. I am excited...I agree with Ashley, though, now we need pictures.