Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Little Boy is 13!

Okay so today is AJ's birthday and he is 13! What are you kidding me? I promise he was in kindergarten the other day and could not say his r's, l's or s's. We have been over the top blessed with AJ. We are already seeing God's call on his life. Sunday night he was riding in the front seat with me driving home from church and he said, "I can't wait for Mexico." Which to be honest has been the common phrase at our house for the past month. Our youth group is going to Rosarita, Mexico near Tijuana to an orphanage during Spring Break. Yes--in case you are wondering, I do know that the State Department has issued a warning for people NOT to travel across the border. YES in case you are wondering if that concerns me--it does!

So anyway that statement was not uncommon, but taking any opportunity I can to have my kids talk to me I asked AJ, "Why do you say that bud." He said, "Because I think God's going to do great things." Okay, YES in case you are wondering I was totally proud. No describing do you hear me--none-- the feeling of your children getting it. Knowing that God is going to use them and that it will be GOD that does it.

Yes in case you are wondering I cried later that night thinking about and thanking God for that little guy!

So today in the normal Lopez fashion AJ got his birthday muffins with a candle in it.

He woke up to a decorated door this morning. I decorated his door with a golf motif--had a 3-d golf club, putting green and you guessed it 13 golf balls with a sign that said:

AJ We think you are one Tee rrific Guy.

A little cheesy--well here take a look for yourself. Hard to see the balls against the white door but they were there!

Not as creative as usual but it was nearly 1 in the morning because I stayed up chatting with my sister on Facebook--oops! Yes in case you are wondering this sadly to say has become a bit of a habit.

So tonight AJ went to RCG--youth small group in homes and had a Sandlot moment where someone tossed his football over the fence into the neighbor's yard and it got eaten by this guy--AKA--The Beast!

Yes in case you are wondering I think that is hilarious AND what a great 13th birthday memory for AJ.

Then we made our way home to find that Carl, Avery and Austin made AJ a birthday cookie. Which we quickly ate so that we could get to AMERICAN IDOL. YES in case you are wondering I already have my favorites and opinions--will blog another day about that! Loving Kris, Danny Megan and even Adam!

Life is just a little more fun with AJ!

One compliment that we get regularly about AJ from his coaches--regardless of what sport, is that AJ is very coachable. Love that he wants to learn and that he takes instruction from others--that will serve him well in life.

This is our first spring since he was in kindergarten that he has not played baseball. This was my favorite picture of AJ last year--a little happy to score! I love when a little boy moment sneaks out! They are coming further and farther between but am thankful our friend Mark caught this one on camera!

AJ is on the Jr High golf team for Union. He had his first tournament Monday. They took third--behind Broken Arrow and Jenks--was not pretty--but he looked adorable in his little golf outfit!!Yes in case you are wondering I am a proud mom! We are loving getting to see God grow this once little guy in to a young man that wants to live for Jesus Christ! Happy Birthday big guy!


Georgia said...

God isn't worried about State Department warnings and God loves AJ even more than you...but I do remember those first mission trips...and I will be praying for him and me any time

twingirlsmom said...

YES in case you are wondering if we agree with you about AJ! :) The few times Brandon has been around him doing tech stuff, he has been very impressed with the way he carries himself. Good job, mom + dad!

ShaRhonda said...

Denise, What a blessing AJ is.....My prayers are lifted for their trip. Great post.

Kara Paslay said...

Hey Denise! Just wanted to let you know the Clean Slate blog is up! Hope you will check it out and tell your friends to as well! I could really use some pics to add if you have any! Thanks!

April said...

it's officially been 3 months since your last post.

your faithful readers are waiting.