Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a Bummer!!!

Ugh! Guess what. Someone helped themselves to my purse and GPS from inside my car at AJ's baseball game Friday night. What a bummer!
I will have to tell you that I left the car unlocked. What a bummer! BUT, I thought I locked it. We have a new car and I am still getting use to it. For instance, I have locked my keys in the car 3 times and Carl has had to come to my rescue--he is sweet and didn't yell at me once--or twice--or even the third time. Sooo, I didn't realize that I didn't push the little button hard enough to lock it. What a bummer! Isn't that how it is...the crazy thing locks when I don't want it to and then doesn't when I do want it to.
I didn't discover the missing purse until the game was over and we were getting out to eat at Pei Wei and I went to grab my purse and it wasn't there. So I rushed back to the field hoping that they (whoever they are) had taken what they wanted and dropped it somewhere--but my purse was no where to be found. What a bummer!! Arvest (our bank) called Carl before we could call them to report it, to tell him that they (whoever they are!!) had made 6 purchases in 30 minutes all at gas stations! What a bummer! Who does that may I ask!? Who walks around parking lots trying to find an unlocked car with a purse and a GPS in it--who???!!! What a stinkin' hassle! We had to cancel our checking, credit card, get a new driver's licenses---blah blah blah! What a bummer!
In June we are beginning our Summer Spa for the Soul at church. If you are in the Tulsa area I would LOVE for you to join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30 beginning June 18th. We are calling it JOY: a Women's Worship Event. I am so excited. Melissa Hunter will be leading our worship time and I will be teaching through the book of Philippians over JOY. So I guess the Lord is just allowing me to learn firsthand to have JOY regardless of my circumstances.
I will have to say as a little blessing from the Lord that as they (again whoever they are!) were lifting my purse from the passenger floorboard to the driver side they dumped my lipstick case out into the floorboard on my side. What a blessing! So now my only purse type possessions that I have are my blackberry, my lipstick and my car keys--what more could a girl want??

As I was on the Internet searching for Shell stations to call and ask if they could check their trash cans for my purse, I ran across this on You Tube! Hilarious and made me laugh. So I had to pass it along to you...

Okay do you not think that is hilarious!! Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian and soooooo funny! The Lord knew I needed a good laugh. I know you are wondering how did I get from Shell stations to Cletus? Although I have never been formally diagnosed--I am sure that I am ADD. I prefer to think of it as my mind can multi task. Whatever!
So that was a little bright spot to my what a bummer evening.


loveneverfails said...

So sorry about your purse, that is heartwrenching, but i have to say the part about locking yourself out 3 times and then leaving it unlocked and getting your purse stolen made me chuckle. I feel your pain girlfriend, sounds like something I would do. Esther likes your video from tom hawkins she is a carrie underwood fan. Made us both laugh. Hang in there, we luv ya!

Zellers said...

So my sister sent me the link to your post telling me the video reminded her of me and my husband...not sure what to think about that now having seen it!!! Funny find, can't wait for Eric to get home to show it to him.

Flea said...

Girl, I highly recommend medication for the ADD. I was diagnosed at 38 and it's been a real blessing to be focused and clear. My mom was diagnosed just this year and thanks me all the time for bugging her about going in to be tested. It's like being a puzzle your entire life, but pieces are missing and you don't have the box top to see what it's supposed to look like completed. The meds just help you put the puzzle together.

Cherrie said...

Oh my goodness - Katy left my wallet on a chair during a yard sale when she was 5 and, of course is was stolen. People can really be frustrating! Don't you just want to scream - get a job!!!

I started my own blog, you've inspired many. Take a look if you get a chance See you soon!

Flea said...

Um, cherrie might want to relist that as :)

Alecia said...

That is a bummer! I can't wait for June 18th! I think I can actually make it to those now!