Saturday, June 28, 2008

Once Again, You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

I know I know. It has been a while...please forgive. We have had basketball camp, cheer camp, youth camp and children's camp. And I truly have so much I could blog about--neat things God did at all of those, but for now I will just post on the last 36 hours of life at the Lopez home.

Crazy stuff happens to we have just chosen to roll with the punches and say Hallelujah anyhow.

Thursday around noon, my sweet husband came to church to help me do something. My sister and brother in law drove in from KC to pick up 400 beverage tubs (another story for another day) and to bring my 17 year old nephew Ridge to spend the week with us. (YEA--Ridge Camp) In the process Carl MESSED his back up--to the point of when he went back to work around 1:30 all he could do was gather his things and get home. Fast forward to 4:00 when the kids and I get home. I walk in the door to see my husband CRAWLING across the floor from our guest bath to the living room in boxers with his pants in the other hand. I said, "Sweetie, what are you doing!" He said, "Can you get me some shorts." I said, "Carl Lopez, what is the matter!!!" He said, "Denise I can not walk, will you get me some shorts." So I run to get him some shorts. In the meantime while he is in route to the living room floor, he turns his head and says, "Hi guys." to our kids.

He is now lying in the living room floor flat on his back complete with shorts on. Which is where he stayed until 4:15 in the morning. Bless his heart---major pain---awful---made me sad.

Thursday evening--guitar lessons, gymnastics, and Clean Slate--all of which took place with Carl lying in the floor on his back. Needless to say I was at the grocery store (WAL-MART SUPERCENTER---love it!) checking out at midnight. You gotta shop when you can--know what I mean. So I ended the night---or started the morning--which ever way you prefer to look at it, by putting away groceries and packing our 8 year old for camp.

I got in bed at 1:15. At 4:15 Carl makes it into the bed---bless his heart. Ouch! He begins snoring, which to be honest normally annoys me (and I must say few things about Carl Lopez annoy me). HoweverI was thrilled because at least he was asleep and not in pain. Then I can not sleep because I kept thinking if I dare moved I might wake him up and sleep was not in my future--snore snore goes the husband. So I go into the living room and try to go back to sleep--lay there....tick...tock....tick...tock.

At 5:45 I awake to our dog barking. The dog run is alongside our house outside our bedroom window so I run to the backyard, so Jake would not wake Carl up. Abby is out of the pen. "Abby, what are you doing out." Had she answered me, I would be making part of this story up. I go to the pen. Gate still locked a piece of the fence at top knocked off. The crazy thing JUMPED the fence--what!!! And now Jake the brown not so puppy chocolate lab is going crazy because he is left home alone while Abby is living it up roaming the yard. Thus the barking!! No water. I am sure Abby was in survival mode to get something to drink. So I let them both out to get them water. I forgot that when I went outside I left the back door open soooo, Jake runs in the house BARKING like crazy. I finally get him back out only to find a 5 year old and an 8 year old walking out of their bedroom--and making their way to the couch (hey what a minute guys--that is where I was sleeping er laying awake for the past hour and a half.) Thankfully we have a sectional--all is well.

Finally get the dogs happy and lay back down. Managed to fall back asleep and wake up at 8:30 in time to head out to Clean Slate. Get back home by 9:45 to get Avery ready for camp. I called at 10:15 to get Carl an appointment with Dr. Pray (great name huh?--wonderful man). They said "Can you be here at 10:45?" As much pain as Carl was in we had to make it. Did I mention that there was a downpour going on outside? Ridge is going to get Avery to church and I am going to take Carl to the Dr. Pray.

Let me say, the Lord sent Ridge to be cab driver, manny (male nanny) cousin, babysitter etc. What would we have done without him.

I leave Carl at the Dr., get to church just in time to have my daughter's head implanted into my side because she didn't think I was going to make it before they left. Send Ridge back to get Carl. Kiss and love on Avery. Write her a your an amazing kiddo we love you we are proud of you etc etc note for her to read at camp. And send her on her way.

So meanwhile, my friend Meredith and I stand in the parking lot and talk for the next 30 minutes--we did take a 4 year old, 5 year old and a 6 year old to the bathroom in the church during this time. So we decide that Ridge (man of the hour) is going to take all the remaining cousins and remaining Himayas to see Wally. Austin rides with Meredith. I walk to my car--the battery is dead--or so I thought.

I go running across the parking lot to catch Meredith before she pulls out. She comes over to give me a jump--only to find that my battery is smoking and there is blueish purple white crazy looking corrosion on the battery. WHAT! So we could do nothing but call Carl. So Carl pulls up about 20 minutes later with his chauffeur Ridge and hobbles over to the car. The battery cable has been eaten away for some reason.

Ridge takes the kids to the movie--Meredith goes home--and Carl and I proceed to fix the car. We went to Advance Auto Parts and got the parts we needed--I parked in handicap just so you know. We went back to the car and as Carl was putting the cable on he dropped the bolt in the engine. For whatever reason it did not fall all the way through. I am jumping on the car shaking it, hoping the bolt would fall out---nope. So Carl said, "It would be faster for you to go back and get another one." So I did. I go back to the parking lot and Carl starts to put the cable on and it snaps!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT.!!! On the way, I say, "I wonder what in the world the Lord is trying to teach us?" Carl said, "Not to shop at Advance Auto Parts." We go back to Advance Auto Parts and Carl goes in and gets another cable. We go back to the car and wa-la he fixes it and he heads home and I head to Clean Slate.

So there you have it.

I have just returned home from Clean Slate and will blog about that later....phenomenal day in the life of our church.


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Oh my goodness! I totally love your blogs. I'm actually worn out after reading them!! :-) Glad you made it through!!!

Nurse Katy said...

poor Carl and poor you! it was good to see you lastnight

jennifermills921 said...

Oh my word! Denise Lopez!!! That is crazy! You're right - you couldn't make these things up!!! Clean Slate sounds amazing! Miss you guys!