Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Oh dear Brazil. I just spent 10 wonderful fabulous days in another country without Carl and my kiddos...what was I thinking?

I did my best to consult my mentor and former boss, Dr. Phil Jett as to what clothes to wear...what was I thinking?

I jump on my plane on Friday, sat on the runway in Tulsa for 2 hours, came back to the terminal for 2 hours and then set off once again for Houston. I land in Houston with just enough time---perhaps 40 minutes to make my connection to Sao Paulo and I get a phone call from my wardrobe consultant/personal travel agent/great friend, Lyle Larson. Uh my group (that I didn't even know in the first place) from Jackson, Mississippi was delayed at the airport in Jackson and would not make the flight. AND I would be flying solo to Sao Paulo...what was I thinking!!

Did you know that not many people speak English in Sao Paulo airport? And did you know that I only know two words in Portugese? Good morning--and thank you. Seeing as I landed at night only one of those words were working for me....what was I thinking?

Well some how (hello we all know it was the Lord), I made it onto my flight to Porta Segua where I was greeted by the wonderful missionaries for Pioneer Evangelism, Eduardo and his sweet wife Rosa.

I am always amazed--at the graciousness and thankfullness of people in other countries. They are so grateful that you would come and help them minister to those in their country. It has been 8 years since I have been on an international mission trip...what was thinking?

I finally meet the wonderful team from Crossgates Church in Brandon, Mississippi. For the record there is nothing like southern people. We take a 6 hour BUMPY ride up the mountain and reach our final destination.

Our week consisted of construction work,

washing feet of precious Brazilian children, giving reading glasses, dental clinic, playing games with these children, speaking at a conference

has the opportunity to lead 6 people to Christ--one who was a bar owner and one precious lady who had tried to commit suicide more than 4 times...what was I thinking?

I will tell you what I was thinking....I serve a God who can take an ordinary girl like me and through His power do extraordinary things! I was thinking I serve a God who is worthy to leave my husband and children for 10 days to love on people who need to know about my Saviour. I was thinking how incredibly blessed I am!!