Wednesday, May 14, 2008

David VS David

Okay here's the deal dawg. This is my first year to be an American Idol fan. I know I know I am a little behind. Which not to brag, but I do pride myself with USUALLY being fairly with it--whatever IT is. And at 43 years old that isn't always easy to do. Anyway, I don't know where I have been the past 7 years but not watching Idol. My first exposure was 2 years ago when Mandisa was a contestant and I watched off and on--not committed. But I love Mandisa and first became a fan at of course a Living Proof Conference. By the way you have got to visit Travis Cottrell's blog--he blogs about Idol and is funny and right on. Then last year when Melinda Doolittle was on I tried to watch because she was a graduate of Union High School and from Tulsa so I tried to be supportive but was not consistent. But let me say that THIS YEAR I am a FAN! Never missed--and we just stepped into the 21st century 3 weeks ago and got DVR!! Look out. So now for sure we have not missed a single moment.
Let me say I was--I am--and will always be a Jason Castro fan--dreadlocks and all. I refuse to think that his dreadlocks smell I don't care what anyone says!!! Something about him I just like him.
Then there is Hello Miss-where-did-you-come-from-should-have-been-out-in-the top-12-but-still-around-and-growing-on-me-Syesha. It was inevitable that she was off tonight. Cute but not an American Idol--she does need to go on Broadway she is an actress/singer thus Broadway bound. Secondly, let me say I have not been a David Cook fan--at all BUT, he has grown on me and I really really like him. I am willing to admit when I am wrong and was wrong about David Cook. Of course it helps that he is from KC--my hometown (sort of Kearney really but who knows where that is) and currently lives (lived) in Tulsa where I currently reside so that gives a few points in my eyes. It helped that he sang a Switchfoot song last night--which my kids thought was totally cool. But here is why I like him I think he is genuinely an encourager and I want to be like that--EveryDay. I want to clap others on and David Cook has done that on Idol, especially tonight and that was impressive to me. Okay David Archuelta--bless his little heart--can sing like no body's business but really he has little to no social skills--I know I know he is only 17 but come on--David Cook has my vote. GO DAVID--COOK that is!!!
One of the goals for my blog is not to be frivolous and never to blog about meaningless things. I do feel somewhat that Idol is frivolous but let me redeem my blog by saying GO be an encourager --someone needs you to clap for them.


Flea said...

GO DENISE! How's that? :)

Not a TV fan in general. We've watched sporadic episodes of Idol in past years, but we got rid of cable when the kids went to school this year and the TV just doesn't come on. Too much homework. But I catch up with online clips of the best and the worst and the winners.

April said...

Denise--you write just like you talk. I love it. David Archuleta--bless his little heart. :) I will miss Idol nights at your house!


Jasie said...

and david cook has lived in tulsa for a long while, only recently did he move away to be closer to his family. he's SO nice and definitely deserves all the goodness that goes his way!

Alecia said...

Archuleta is more like Groban- in that he will appeal to the same crowd...Cook's got it goin' on, Dawg!!! I'm just thrilled that it's down to the 2 them both. I'm with you on the Castro thing...he's adorable. I think the reason you like him is b/c he has Jesus in him...he leads worship at his church...did you know that?!?!